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Training , Consulting and Keynotes

With our lectures on marketing, negotiation, sales and communication topics, we not only set accents, but also give impulses, encourage active action and convince through razor-sharp rhetoric coupled with profound knowledge.

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Our Current Seminars and Workshops

Marketing Basics Seminar

Basic seminar with the aim of systematically demonstrating and training the development of a marketing strategy, its compression in the marketing mix and its transfer into a sales concept through to its implementation in sales.

Suitable for marketing managers, sales managers, executives, department managers and specialists from all functional areas who want to learn or train a systematic overall presentation of the important topics from marketing and sales in a concentrated form and increase their competence with regard to customer orientation, marketing and sales management.

Marketing Management Seminar

Intensive seminar on the structure, methods and effectiveness of modern marketing for:

  • Executives and staff members from marketing, sales, distribution, customer, product and market management, advertising, market research.
  • Executives who want to stimulate and evaluate marketing and sales concepts.
  • Young talents from marketing and sales who want to systematize and underpin the knowledge they have gained in practice.
  • Executives from technical or commercial areas who want to familiarize themselves with marketing in a targeted and concentrated way.

The secrets of successful negotiations

Better negotiate in every way.

Intensive seminar with the aim to get to know the techniques, strategies and tactics of successful negotiation and to apply them successfully in practice. Particularly suitable for executives who want to improve and expand their negotiation and argumentation skills as well as their persuasiveness.

Price pressure? So what! This is how you enforce your prices!

The challenges in sales and distribution have risen at an above-average rate in recent years. High social and communicative competence as well as pronounced negotiation skills have become indispensable in dealing with customers.

The focus of this seminar is the sales talk, the personality of the salesperson and his further development. In this workshop, each participant is given a multitude of concrete and easily implementable tips with which he can significantly improve his sales results in practice. Target group are sales and distribution managers as well as employees in the office and field service and sales engineers.