Easy selling!

How to master all phases of a professional sales negotiation


Who is engaged in sales, has chosen one of the most interesting and diverse professions, but also one of the most challenging:
  • you must be able to reach out to other people,
  • have charisma,
  • serve existing customers and increase their loyalty,
  • inspire new customers and attract them and
  • master the variety of negotiation situations ... - and much more.


In this intensive seminar you will train the most basic sales techniques and negotiation strategies in numerous practical exercises. The priorities are:
  • Charisma and powers of persuasion win;
  • Build viable relationships with customers;
  • Prepare negotiations effectively;
  • Capture customer needs and awaken latent demand;
  • Effective argumentation and
  • closing sales.

Focus areas

Self motivation and sympathetic attitude

  • Attitude and value system of successful sales persons
  • Think positive, communicate positive
  • Focus on the customer
  • Raising awareness of own sales-driven potential

Basics of sales rhetoric

  • The effect of the information and the relationship level
  • Creating a positive atmosphere for discussions
  • Communicate understandable and sympathetic
  • Convincing customer approach

Preparing negotiations

  • Set goals and plan implementation
  • Negotiation preparation