Electrolux Case Study incl. Teaching Notes


Price per person and case study (e.g. 10 students = 10 case studies)


The Swedish manufacturer of large-scale appliances is looking for new business opportunities on the world market.

These teaching notes are deliberately detailed, as they still explain the respective theoretical tools and facts in length before applying them specifically to the case study.

The following topics are covered:

  • Company presentation
  • Product ranges
  • Consumer behavior


Subsequently, the following issues will be explained in detail by the teaching notes:

  1. What are the key long-term drivers in the world market for large-scale appliances?
  2. What are Electrolux’s competitive advantages in the global large-scale appliance market?
  3. What screening criteria should Electrolux use when selecting new markets to focus on?
  4. Explain customer behavior in the major appliances market (B2B, B2C).


Length (25 Pages, of those 15 Pages Teaching Notes)