Starting a new list of the best #SuperBowl #commercials of all time. I chose the following ones and will update it regularly and also comment on specific ads: The list looks (in no priority order) like this:

10. ensurance: “Say my name”: Bryan Cranston: Super Bowl XLIX 2015

09. Toyota: “One bold choice”: Amy Purdy: Super Bowl XLIX 2015

08. Chrysler: “Imported From Detroit”: Eminem: Super Bowl XLV 2011

07. E-Trade: “Trading Baby”: Super Bowl XLVI 2012

06. Old Spice: “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like”: Super Bowl XLIV 2010

05. Volkswagen: “The Force”: Super Bowl XLV 2011

04. Budweiser: “Puppy Love”: Super Bowl XLVIII 2014

03. Coca Cola: “The Showdown”: Larry Bird and Michael Jordan: Super Bowl XXVII 1993

02. Apple: “Introducing Macintosh”: Super Bowl XVIII 1984

01. Always: “#LikeAGirl”: Super Bowl XLVIII 2014


What ads and commercials are missing? Share your favourits with me!

Now looking more into depth as to the first one:

  1. Always: “#LikeAGirl”: Super Bowl XLVIII 2014

#Content #marketing can have a huge impact on developing brand loyalty and driving retail sales. As businesses across the globe fight for attention in an increasingly crowded sphere, it can be quite difficult to develop a campaign that truly makes an impact. #ContentMarketing can be one driver to make a difference. Where traditional advertising methods focused on emphasizing the value of a product, branded content campaigns focus on developing a connection with the audience on a more emotional level. Following, we’ll discuss some of the most impressive and appealing examples of branded content.

Always made its Super Bowl debut with a 60-second version of the brand’s #LikeAGirl viral video hit, first released online. The ad, the first from a feminine-care brand in the Super Bowl, aims to „spark a social change that redefines the meaning“ of the phrase „like a girl,“ as the company puts it. The video was one of the top viral ads of 2014, with 54 million views on YouTube alone and can be considered a modern classic!